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Matthias Dietrich |
Dear Mr. John Kerr,
God bless you, my friend!
My wish is that you will find motivation to play music in the future again!! I like your music since "Schwingungen" days. I am a spiritual anthroposic man, who plays ambient, space music, new age, meditation, soundtrack, sounddesign, berliner school, baroque music with my Yamaha QS300 and u-he Zebra 2. Thank you for your great music!
6 May 2010 - Germany Ruhrgebiet (Gelsenkirchen)

Raymond & Linda Schneider |
John -
Music CD's arrived today in excellent shape!!!
If you asked me, or my wife which of the CD's is are favorite.....THEY ALL ARE!!!

I am always continually amazed at how the creative artistic mind can produce such beautiful things, like your music, that is so uplifting in a world that is on a collision course with eternity.....thank God there is an outlet from the stress, uncertainity, and fears of everday life that we humans have managed to box ourselves in with.

Your work is right up there with others in our vast New Age collection, such as Asha, Steve McDonald, and numerous others. What is disconcerting is that so many talented music artists have given up producing because of the rampent internet theft of music downloading which is really the outright theft of human creativity that robs the very heart and soul of those, like yourself, who work so hard to bring beauty and happiness to others through music. In this regard, there are a couple of albums that I indicated earlier that are currently not available in the used market but only through the MP3 download sites. This I can promise you, John, if after 6 months or so I am not able to get these 2 albums, I will download them from an MP3 site and send you a bank wire at the exchange rate and $ value that it would have cost me had you had them in stock. Fair enough? And, I INSIST on this.......

Hope you can find, once again, the deep creative motivation to again produce truely beautiful music for others that respect you as an artist and get compensated for your efforts.
Sincere Regards, and we will stay in touch....
Raymond & Linda Schneider
17 February 2010 - Cape Coral, Florida, USA

Michael Teuchert |
Hey John,

Im listening to your music for a long long time (heard it first on WDR many years ago) and its always a great pleasure! If I had to spend my life on a lonesome island and were allowed to take only 5 cds with me, NORLAND would be one of them. One of the nicest music Ive ever heard!!! Thanks for that!
9 January 2010 - Witten (Ruhrgebiet), Germany

Albert Beevendorp Sr. |
Hallo John,
Tijdens surfen op internet, ook weer eens jouw pagina opgeslagen en je nieuwe opzet met bewondering bekeken; prachtige pagina's!
Ik blijf je zo nu en dan in de gaten houden; er zijn nog een paar lege plekjes voor een nieuwe CD...
Ik wens je het allerbeste toe en eveneens groeten aan Rob. Albert.
29 June 2009 - Nederland

Dennis Moore |
Hi John,
Just to let you know that you and your work have not been forgotten in this corner of the World. I have every CD you have ever produced (indeed all the vinyl too!) and play them frequently. Voices... and Norland (extended version) still seem to remain at the top of the tree though.
It's a great pity your musical inspiration doesn't seem to have returned, but regardless, you have created a great legacy of music. Here's hoping you surprise us all yet with a comeback one day.
Keep well, Dennis Moore
15 May 2009 - Roodepoort, South Africa

Donna Trueblood |
I just found your music and must say I was blown away. Still trying to track down a copy of "Castles in the Sky"
3 April 2009 - Texas, USA

John says:   Take a peep at the CD SHOP page, Donna... Buying my CD's is a piece of cake!

Paul Vivian |
Being the proud owner of all your releases, some years ago I made a compilation tape of my very most favourite tracks. Over the past few years that tape has become my refuge and comfort at night, especially your so emotive 'As Ships In The NIght', which, for me, no artist will ever surpass that composition. Someone once said to me, 'John must be such a nice person, as only such a person could write such wonderful music from the heart'. I so hope that one day you will find the inspiration again in your heart to again compose such beautiful music. Thank you John for your wonderful emotive and beautiful music. With all best wishes for the future. Paul. Waterlooville, UK
27 March 2009 - Waterlooville, Hants. UK

John says:   Thanks for your kind words, Paul. I'm blushing from head to toe!

Romeo | |
Hallo John,
Ik had ook problemen met mijn website bij Lycos. Ben toen doorgestuurd naar een ander en das goed bevallen. Ze hebben zelfs een aanbieding voor mensen die een website hebben bij Lycos. Maar goed je site is weer schitterend geupdate. Je kan wel merken dan je grafisch onderlegd bent.
19 March 2009 - Nederland

Albert Beevendorp |
Hallo John,
Ik blijf genieten van al het moois wat je hebt geproduceerd.
Favoriet is en blijft "Moon"; fantastisch. Mocht er ooit nog inspiratie komen voor iets nieuws, houd ik mij ten zeerste aanbevolen.
Vriendelijke groeten ook aan Rob, Albert.
14 March 2009 - Nederland

Richard Greene |
Hi John,
I purchased all your albums in May of 2005. My favorites are the Citadel and Reflections of Citadel. I have come to really like the album Ararat containing various musicians, including you. I listen to ALL your music frequently. I hope you have great success in selling your music.
Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful, prosperous and healthy 2009.
Sincerely, Richard
6 February 2009 - Potomac, MD

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